This website was started initially to get at the truth of whether Johanna┬┤s diet was a real alternative to the present known systems to beat cancer, but in a short time I am becoming of the opinion that the system does work.

What has become frustrating is my recent loss of probably my closest Uncle, whom not having children always thought of me as the closest person to a son. If only I knew of this cure, maybe we could have saved him, anything would have been better than just letting him die.

In truth as I write this I am angry that no one suggested this option to me or my Auntie, as anything would have been better than doing nothing, which was the case as the doctors felt it had gone too far for drugs or chemotherapy. When you add to this his GP didn’t even get him tested who kept saying “there was nothing wrong with you” and if it wasn’t for the fact the GP was away when my Uncle need help, it would have been the autopsy that would have told us he had cancer.

OK maybe I sound a little bitter, but for some reason this knowledge is being suppressed and who is at fault. I have no idea but maybe I can with this website help spread the word, but more importantly I hope to build as many testimonials as possible so that the successes can not be denied.

So as I write this my wife sister has cancer, who seems to be winning the battle but maybe with this diet the scars would not have been so deep.

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