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Photo of Johanna Budwig The Budwig Diet website has been up now for close to a year and I felt it was time to write a little more detail about the Lady who invented this unique protocol, which consisted of a mix of Linseed Oil and Cottage Cheese.

This combination may seem very simple and hard to believe that it can cure cancer, but when you delve deeper as Johanna Budwig did it then becomes more obvious, because the key ingredient here is Linseed Oil, which is very high in Omega 3, which if you have been reading the press has been shown to reduce the chance of getting cancer in the first place!

Saying that you may not have heard too much about Linseed Oil but you will have heard plenty about eating more oily fish, which is of course also contains Omega 3. The cottage cheese is really just there to help the body absorb the Linseed Oil.

So how did Johanna Budwig discover this almost miracle cure, well I am pleased to say it was down to hard work and her scientific background and more importantly her dogged determination to ensure the world knew about this life saving treatment.

Johanna was born in September 1908 and died in May 2003, living 95 years cancer free, and was often commented on how health she looked for her age. Interestingly she did not even die of old age, it was just due to a complication after a fall. One cannot help wonder how long she would have lived for, it certain proves if nothing else a good diet can prolong life.

Johanna Budwig’s Background

Johanna could not be seen as just a doctor, she was a Biochemist, held a PHD in natural Science, a doctorate in physics, a qualified pharmacologist and chemist. On top of this she was a senior consultant for the Federal Institute for Fats Research, so it is of no surprise that she would be nominated seven times for the Nobel prize.

So it is of no surprise that with her specialism into fats, she came to realise how important they were in our diet and that not all fats are bad and this was over 40 years ago!

The majority of her study revolved around healthy and cancer patients blood, in that cancer sufferers blood had a greenish yellow substance included, whereas in healthy individuals had increased levels of lipoproteins, phosphatides, haemoglobin and Omega 3

Once she realised this she then started to use this protocol on patients at her hospital and was beginning to see results on all types of cancer, this of course lead to a war with the hospital establishment resulting in legal action.

Fortunately as Johanna Budwig was such a professional, everything she did was well documented and can be read to day with her various scientific papers. This of course was critical in her success in court, where the judge was quoted as saying:

After having reviewed the evidence from both sides, pulled the cancer research people aside and told them not to take on this woman. The court records quote the presiding judge: “Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific worlds, because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.”

At this point it is worth bearing mind why this protocol is not used more, considering its scientific basis. Well you have to bear in mind that the Pharmaceutical companies would make no money from Linseed oil and cottage cheese, neither fresh fruit or vegetables. As a result there is very little said.

If then you weigh up the continued emphasis on how a good diet can protect you, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that it must have an effect.

Johanna continued with her work tirelessly, while writing various books on the subject

For further reading I suggest the following books
The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook
Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases
Cancer: The Problem and the Solution
The Budwig Cancer & Coronary Heart Disease Prevention Diet: The Revolutionary Diet from Dr. Johanna Budwig, the Woman Who Discovered Omega-3s

Also at Amazon you can buy a number of books on Johanna Budwig

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