Bladder Cancer

As promised I thought I would add one of the testimonials for the Budwig Diet, here from Yahoo groups, but I think it is worth mentioning that although there are a number I am very keen to have more accountable accounts, IE with maybe contact info links to their blogs etc.

Dear cliff and Peter and Wilhelm,
Re: Mike and his statements

All I can say is that in September 2002 there was
evidence of cancer in my bladder. I began the Dr
Budwig treatment and followed it precisely. In April
I had biopsy of my bladder. The pathology report
shows no cancer. In June the urologist agreed with
me that the flaxseed oil with cottage cheese was
helpful for me. My next appointment is in December.
My PSA is very low, 1.02. There is no evidence of CA
in the bladder.
The only treatment I did was Dr Budwig’s diet.
I will not add to that treatment or change it in any
kind of way. I make a mixture in the morning, put it
on my oatmeal, save some to use as my salad dressing
for lunch. I am strong and feel wonderful.


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