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Various recipes using the budwig diet, utilising cottage cheese and flax seed oil

A retrospective view of juicing

I called this a retrospective view of juicing, as I have revisited juicing after having juiced as much as I could for my father!

Looking back I was juicing anything that I thought would help cure liver cancer, but I certainly felt there was some desperation rather than any common sense approach. It wasn’t helped by the fact my father was losing his appetite fast. I still feel quite frustrated by it all, not surprising really when you know your father is going to die within three months. I think that it proved to be more of a distraction for mum and me than any real positive results.

Still we all should take something from everything we do and I for one certainly learnt I was not eating enough of the good food that is for sure. I believe in this day and age we succumb too easily into comfort food or those fattening take a way’s, or pre-fabricated food with god knows what chemicals in the food, while slowly killing us off ;)

It is a known fact that fruit and vegetables can not only protect us from cancer but also improve our wellbeing and protect us from many diseases.

So taking all this into account I have been thinking about getting a juicer for some time, but about 2 weeks I took the plunge and followed the Juice Masters recommendations. If I was suffering from cancer I would probably go for slightly better piece of equipment with a masticating juicer, but for prevention I am sure the Philips machine will be fine.

So I am two weeks into juicing and I love it, the only problem is that as we are on holiday and I have to take it everywhere with me due to the demand for the juice, which is a direct result of how good they are, even the mother in law has been impressed!

I cannot say as of yet if there are any noticeable differences, but one thing is sure I have lost just over a couple of kilos, which is impressive because normally I put on weight when I go on holiday. Still it is early days and I will report back, I am not doing a major detox just trying to get a better balance. If you are interested I do a smoothie for breakfast and then in the afternoon I try out a juice recipe, not very scientific but it seems to work fine, a huge improvement on my previous intake.

So what advice do I want to pass, well I suggest you visit the Juice Masters website, to be inspired then buy his book. For my father it is a bit late, but I now see juicing in a different light and don’t forget the juice masters rule, wash the equipment before you drink the juice, it makes all the difference and it doesn’t seem such a chore.

The Budwig Diet for Breakfast

Having reached the age of 45 I have to say the one thing that worries me most is getting cancer, for many reasons. As a result of learning more and more about the work of Johanna Budwig and the Budwig Diet, it has started to become obvious over the last few days that this simple recipe can aid you in not getting cancer. So for me it is a must do diet.

The question then is where does one start and after some research I came across this recipe on youtube, which you can see below. The recipe is using the basics of the diet but produced in a very appetising way by Sandra Olson, who´s website is a must visit and as she says it is a labour of love.

So as an appetiser, pardon the pun her video follows and I for one cannot wait to start each morning with this. Still would you believe I still need to find where I can buy flaxseed oil here in Spain!