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Particular scientific research into cancer therapies that includes flaxseed oil or omega 3

Why are more of us dying of Cancer?

With such a big title I should of course write a huge article, but time is not with me on this one. Still I wanted to get some info down based on a bit of research I was doing, on whether we are curing cancer or not and it made fascinating reading so I didn’t want to loose it.

Basically I started at seeing if we as a nation are developing Cancer at a faster rate than before, which interestingly is a difficult figure to come up with. What I did find from the article published by the UK government back in 1999, shows quite emphatically it is.

In it it shows that back in 1880 10% of all deaths were caused by Cancer and in 1999 43% as the graph below shows, so I thought I would do a bit more digging and I have to say nothing is straight forward when it comes to stats.

Death by Cancer Comparison between 1880 to 1997

Anyway while I am writing this I thought I would try to get some info that is more recent and I found on the UK National Statistics Site that:

Between 1971 and 2007, the age-standardised incidence of cancer increased by around 21 per cent in males and 45 per cent in females.

You have to say it is very scary and there is no doubt that we are more likely to get one form of cancer, in fact the title of the article says that “1 in 3 people are likely to get cancer.” Which explains why we all know someone with this deadly disease. It is therefore obvious that our life style eating habits, what we drink, the chemicals in the food, our diet etc is all having an effect.

This only goes to prove if we can change the way we eat etc., then we have a better chance to survive!

Then for some reason I decide to look at skin cancer or as it is also known as Melanoma, which apparently is now the fastest growing incidences of cancer. The question is, is it the ozone layer or could it be the sun creams that we have started to use to help protect us is resulting in such a sudden increase in Melanoma? Don’t call me a cynic but this makes interesting reading “Could Sunscreens Increase Melanoma Risk?” If you then consider there areĀ  $1.9 billion sales of sun creams, then obviously the manufacturers do not want to let this info out. Also you may find that this article makes very good read and goes into more depth on the John McCain Melanoma cover up. Still this all isn’t new to me as I covered this once before on this site with Does the Sun cause Skin Cancer?

To finish I read that finally someone is finally trying to get this exposed no other than Senator Charles Schumar, lets hope he can wins!!

Pancreatic Cancer Prevention

After telling you all about the death of my father from liver cancer, I read this post from the food consumer website, where they picked up a recent study suggesting that high intake of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins C and E may reduce the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. The details of the study can be found in the International Journal of Cancer and more details at the Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention website entitled Vegetable and Fruit Intake and Pancreatic Cancer in Study in the San Francisco Area.

Reading the article has re inspired me, not that I needed telling diet can protect you from cancer, but the effort we put into trying to save dad may have been, a huge expectation. I certainly need to get my intake up on fresh raw fruit and vegetables, particularly as it may now seem I could be in a high risk group.

Taking this further I think it is time to buy myself a juicer and get the family into a healthier diet, we are not too bad but could do be better!

So why am I going out to buy a juicer this weekend well, the article gives you plenty of clues but this quote says it all for me

Raw food consumption was statistically significantly inversely associated with a 70% decreased risk of pancreatic cancer

So once again I will keep my eye open for any scientific research that proves a positive link between cancer and healthy eating, all goes to prove what Johanna Budwig discovered all those years ago.