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Testimonials of people who have contracted cancer and have used the Budwig therapy to aid their cure.

No News is Good News!

Well I do not think that is the case in reality, my father finally had his appointment on Thursday with the so called Liver Cancer specialist, who in my opinion sounds like a typical ass from the NHS.

My parents go in hoping to get some information and in truth all they find out is that, he has cancer of the liver, which is too big to operate on and is somehow combined with the lungs.

When asked whether he can be cured the answer back is no but we can prolong his life with Chemo, at this point it makes my family happy, I suppose because they didn’t say to him go home to die.

On top of this he had some more blood tests to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere, another time delay.

When he was asked whether diet would have an effect or if he had heard of Joanna Budwig, he knew nothing and thought diets were a waste of time and an excuse to get money from people who are desperate for a cure.

It is just beyond belief to me that someone who is supposedly a specialist in Liver Cancer treatment knows nothing about, the benefits of flaxseed oil or Joanna Budwig, surely these doctors should be looking at all the latest research to help there patients, because if they did they would know the work that is going on in this field, documented scientific papers on the subject.

Obviously there is no passion from these doctors, they just want to move onto the next patient take a huge salary and go to the golf course, there doesn’t seem to be any motivation to really want to cure anyone.

Fortunately I know better and thanks be to god I heard about this diet, before my dad found out he had cancer. What is interesting and at this stage I cannot be sure is that I have had my father on the Budwig Diet for about 3 weeks before he saw the specialist and for him to say he was surprised to see my father in such a good state of health with all things considered, it made me wonder if this is because of the diet, in the coming days I am sure we shall know more.

So personally I am not convinced the news is good, all that has happened is there is a delay in the true gravertiy of the situation and a lack of speed from the NHS.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber Anti Cancer

I have to admit that writing this blog has had a profound effect on me and the more I learn the more I realise Joanne Budwig was right, not because I have tried it but because there is so much evidence that diet can stop cancer.

Today I just came across Dr. Servan-Schreiber who had brain tumour when he was 31, although to rid himself of the cancer he underwent the the typical route of chemotherapy, but afterwards he wanted to see if there was a way to ensure there is was no relapse. Interestingly when he asked his Oncologist about lifestyle changes, he had no idea, scary but quite typical.

So recently Dr David Servan-Schreiber released his book Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life, which is David´s study into the effects of diet on Cancer .

For me the message is that the writer is a Doctor, who was willing to look at alternatives and realise there is an alternative and was apple to look at the myths and get to the facts.

The interview below, should give you a feel or this interview over at Wbay

And this video is from an interview he did over at CBC Television

FlaxSeeds Cures Cancer (Fact)

Today on the BBC there is a report of a new Kidney drug to get the go ahead to be available to the general public, as it can increase survival by a year. The cost of this drug is about £75 per day and with a six-week cycle costing in excess of £3,000, hmm make of that what you want.

Now I am not an expert, but I have taken some time out to read a number of scientific papers on Cancer and Flaxseed. What has become very apparent in the many tests done is that I have not seen one prove it doesn’t prevent cancer. I may be a cynic, but no one is going to make much of  a profit out of Flaxseed!

It is interesting that with so many controlled studies, proving how diet can prevent and cure cancer, you would think doctors would immediately start every patient on this regime. When you consider how destructive drugs and chemo are on your body or at least shouldn’t they inform their patient their is a safer alternative.

Below I will give you a few links to some of these study papers, but it is worth noting that these are scientific papers and are not aimed at the general public.

Of the papers read I found Michael S Donaldsons (Director of Research, Hallelujah Acres Foundation) article Nutrician and cancer: A Review of the evidence for an anti cancer diet a must read and an easier read. And for those with breast cancer I thought this abstract telling:

More recently Thompson’s research group studied mice that were injected with human breast cancer cells. After the injection the mice were fed a basal diet (lab mouse chow) for 8 weeks while the tumors grew. Then one group continued the basal diet and another was fed a 10% flax seed diet. The flax seed reduced the tumor growth rate and reduced metastasis by 45%

Other fasinating articles

Breast Cancer article

Natural cancer-protective compounds

Colon Cancer Protection

Prostrate Cancer

Flaxseed: A potential treatment for lupus nephritis

Very enlightning I think, I would be interested in anyones thoughts.

Bladder Cancer

As promised I thought I would add one of the testimonials for the Budwig Diet, here from Yahoo groups, but I think it is worth mentioning that although there are a number I am very keen to have more accountable accounts, IE with maybe contact info links to their blogs etc.

Dear cliff and Peter and Wilhelm,
Re: Mike and his statements

All I can say is that in September 2002 there was
evidence of cancer in my bladder. I began the Dr
Budwig treatment and followed it precisely. In April
I had biopsy of my bladder. The pathology report
shows no cancer. In June the urologist agreed with
me that the flaxseed oil with cottage cheese was
helpful for me. My next appointment is in December.
My PSA is very low, 1.02. There is no evidence of CA
in the bladder.
The only treatment I did was Dr Budwig’s diet.
I will not add to that treatment or change it in any
kind of way. I make a mixture in the morning, put it
on my oatmeal, save some to use as my salad dressing
for lunch. I am strong and feel wonderful.


Pandora´s Box

I have to say that since starting this site and having my eyes opened, it feels like I have opened Pandora´s box.

I do not mean it in a negative way but probably the most scary thing has been joining the yahoo groups for flaxseed oil, I have been inundated with all the email updates, which in all honesty is too much it is continuous and I just haven’t the time to read them all.

At some stage I will have to cancel, what was fascinating was how big and helpful the group is and how sad it is to read some of the stories of new members looking for help. What I am sure is that when it comes to help this must be one of the best resources available.

Also on the site you will find hundreds of testimonials, some of which I will include here. So if you are looking for support you couldnt do much better than this group.

Clifford Beckwith

Below is a short transcript of a testimonial of the Budwig Diet, which I will hope will be the first of many, with my aim to give visitors examples of successes as a means of motivation. So starting with this well documented case of Clifford who reached stage 4 of cancer managed to add another 17 years to his life.

A Tape Transcription by Clifford Beckwith
The following is presented for educational and informational purposes only and in no way should be construed as giving medical advice.
As I narrate this in July, l998, seven and a half years have passed since I was found to have stage four prostate cancer. As I learned later I should have been dead at least seven years. What follows is an account of things
that were done by me and by many other people and the results that followed.

The accounts that follow are not to be considered as specific advice, but the information given may be used by any individual as he or she sees fit, as is the right of any person.

In January 1991 I was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer. Bone scans and other tests indicated no spread so it was decided to operate. During the operation it was discovered that the cancer had spread to the Lymph glands making it stage four. The operation was not completed as that would not be the answer.

To read more please visit his site with the full transcript.