Clifford Beckwith

Below is a short transcript of a testimonial of the Budwig Diet, which I will hope will be the first of many, with my aim to give visitors examples of successes as a means of motivation. So starting with this well documented case of Clifford who reached stage 4 of cancer managed to add another 17 years to his life.

A Tape Transcription by Clifford Beckwith
The following is presented for educational and informational purposes only and in no way should be construed as giving medical advice.
As I narrate this in July, l998, seven and a half years have passed since I was found to have stage four prostate cancer. As I learned later I should have been dead at least seven years. What follows is an account of things
that were done by me and by many other people and the results that followed.

The accounts that follow are not to be considered as specific advice, but the information given may be used by any individual as he or she sees fit, as is the right of any person.

In January 1991 I was diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer. Bone scans and other tests indicated no spread so it was decided to operate. During the operation it was discovered that the cancer had spread to the Lymph glands making it stage four. The operation was not completed as that would not be the answer.

To read more please visit his site with the full transcript.

3 thoughts on “Clifford Beckwith

  1. steve small

    Why is Clifford Beckwith one of the few testimonials on the internet. His story is everywhere. The problem with alternative cancer treatments…One success is told and retold and retold in every book, newsletter, and blog. Give me a break!! If its a worthy therapy, there should be hundreds and hundreds of success stories besides Beckwith…im I right?

  2. admin Post author

    There are hundreds of successes but I have not in all honestly had time to write them here. In my case I actually got in touch with the people who wrote the testimonials and this way you can get a better idea of the people who have succeeded.

    What is unfortunate is that very few want to go the alternative route, because they are persuaded to go the way of conventional methods as prescribed by your doctor so there are very few in reality.

    What I have learnt from a personal point of view is that a change of diet works and therefore prevention is a better route.

  3. Jim Tassano

    I am trying to reach Clifford Beckwith. Is this his site?

    I want to talk to you about the Budwig cottage cheese and flaxseed oil diet.


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