Dad didn’t survive his battle with Liver Cancer

photo of dad at school before he contracted liver cancer

Dad before he had liver Cancer

I have to admit it has taken me some time to write this or anything here, after my father lost his fight against liver cancer.

In the end it was just 3 months from diagnosis to him dying, but I know it is important to write what happened and whether I thought the Budwig Diet had an effect at all.

So I can only give you my thoughts and a gut feeling, which I am sure will not necessarily give you any real confirmation either way. What I can say is that when we knew my father had cancer I got him on the Budwig Protocol straight away, but being nearly 2000 miles away it was not easy to ensure he was following the diet strictly.  Non the less we changed his diet and cut out all the bad foods, but it was difficult because onto top of this he had no appetite for the diet or any food in fact. Looking back I know this was because of the liver cancer given him a swollen stomach and of course the ability for the liver to break down the food.

I am sure his age played a part being 76 and unfortunately his negativity, which seemed to become more pronounced the the nearer he got to the end. This could have been a result of the toxins in his body.

What was positive was he was in no pain and he was walking around right up until last day. In fact after being with him for 2 months, I returned home thinking we were winning or at least slowing the cancer down, but within a week he had died. The question of course is why did he go down hill so fast after I left him. Well the following day he went into hospital for his drain to rid the liquid that had built up in his stomach, which incidentally took 2 months to organise. The procedure should have taken just one day in hospital, which turned into a week. Whilst he was in hospital his health plummeted and of course he was not getting the care he was receiving at home. Looking back I get very frustrated that we let him go in, it seemed as though it was this that killed him.

Although I am frustrated that I could not save him from this terrible disease, which I am sure was not helped by its aggressiveness, but I do know that by having some hope and focusing on the diet it helped mum, in keeping positive and I am sure the diet took away the pain. The coffee enema which we were finally were able to persuade him to take, had a very positive effect, the result was he became more comfortable rather than getting upset by being constipated and was a huge relief to him.

At the end of the day nothing is lost by trying the diet, but as a cure it did not happen for my father. I do now wonder why I should have started this blog before I knew my father had cancer, because I was convinced the reason was that I would save my father, all I can now say is that God can only know!

One thought on “Dad didn’t survive his battle with Liver Cancer

  1. Jorge Mendoza

    Sorry to read your story and your dad’s fight with cancer. I know what you are talking about. My wife passed away fighting the same disease. Anyway, I know also the The Budwig diet and I tried it along with my wife but old habits in food were more powerful than the desire to gain health.
    As today, I try the Budwig Protocol in my diet and I have been experiencing wonderful results that you can not imagine. Of course my old habits in eating have changed a lot.
    I will continue forever in this amazing Diet.

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