FlaxSeeds Cures Cancer (Fact)

Today on the BBC there is a report of a new Kidney drug to get the go ahead to be available to the general public, as it can increase survival by a year. The cost of this drug is about £75 per day and with a six-week cycle costing in excess of £3,000, hmm make of that what you want.

Now I am not an expert, but I have taken some time out to read a number of scientific papers on Cancer and Flaxseed. What has become very apparent in the many tests done is that I have not seen one prove it doesn’t prevent cancer. I may be a cynic, but no one is going to make much of  a profit out of Flaxseed!

It is interesting that with so many controlled studies, proving how diet can prevent and cure cancer, you would think doctors would immediately start every patient on this regime. When you consider how destructive drugs and chemo are on your body or at least shouldn’t they inform their patient their is a safer alternative.

Below I will give you a few links to some of these study papers, but it is worth noting that these are scientific papers and are not aimed at the general public.

Of the papers read I found Michael S Donaldsons (Director of Research, Hallelujah Acres Foundation) article Nutrician and cancer: A Review of the evidence for an anti cancer diet a must read and an easier read. And for those with breast cancer I thought this abstract telling:

More recently Thompson’s research group studied mice that were injected with human breast cancer cells. After the injection the mice were fed a basal diet (lab mouse chow) for 8 weeks while the tumors grew. Then one group continued the basal diet and another was fed a 10% flax seed diet. The flax seed reduced the tumor growth rate and reduced metastasis by 45%

Other fasinating articles

Breast Cancer article

Natural cancer-protective compounds

Colon Cancer Protection

Prostrate Cancer

Flaxseed: A potential treatment for lupus nephritis

Very enlightning I think, I would be interested in anyones thoughts.

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