Head in the Sand!

I have to apologise as I must have had my head in the sand when it comes to diet and its affect on our health. I have only really became interested since the so called conspiracy to hide Budwig´s findings on curing cancer, but in truth by sheer logic you would come to this conclusion anyway that it works.

Everywhere I look I see info on protecting our bodies from cancer, but we just do not want to listen.

The truth is that with all this info out there about this vegetable helps this and that helps that, why on earth has there not been another scientific study on the Budwig Diet and if there is I have not seen it.

I suppose you could draw your own conclusions on this, if it didn’t work the big pharma companies would love to keep us on their expensive drugs, but if it was AGAIN proved to work, well you can just imagine the repercussions.

So why did I write this post, because I came across this news article from the Livingston Daily 15 Budget Foods to Keep You Healthy and others!

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