Is it true what they say about Dr Johanna Budwig?

johanna_budwigWell this is my first post, which I hope will get to the truth about Dr Johanna Budwig. I have a long way to go but the plan is really to try to see if the diet she put together really can cure Cancer.

As this is a first post to see how the site comes together I will try to put together my goals with this site.

Firstly I want a site where anyone trying the diet or anyone who is trying to find out if this works or not can have their say.

Secondly I want to point to other sites that can help

Thirdly somewhere where patients can submit their successes and failures.

OK that is a fairly lame start but enouph to get of the ground.

2 thoughts on “Is it true what they say about Dr Johanna Budwig?

  1. Viv

    I was wondering if you believe it works and why you want to know. Sounds like an obvious question, but…

    I am definitely leaning towards believing in alternative treatments vs. mainstream.

    I guess the problem with testimonies is believing them and/or being able to talk with the people themselves.

    The fight to get people to believe anything but mainstream allopathic doctors seems enormous. Maybe those who have been cured by alternative means are either quietly helping anyone who is receptive or they are so tired of not being believed they just go about living their lives.

    One thing is for sure tho, there is no cure against death. it will have the final say. At least our bodies. The real cure for death is Jesus. It is just so sad when people have to suffer so much and when people too young go.

    And I thought medicine was not supposed to cause harm. That is not true of chemo etc.

  2. admin Post author

    I am not sure if I know what you mean by obvious, I think if it was obvious then everyone would be doing it and they are not.

    But there in lies the problem, the truth is hard to find, saying that as I develop this site the more I learn and the more obvious it is becoming and with my father now with cancer it is more important.

    Although there is a lot of info out there with testimonials I decided to phone one of them who has the same type of cancer as my father, this has been a huge help as he decided not to go the chemo route and has extended his life expectancy from 6mth to nearly 3 years so far.

    As a result I am convinced in what it can do, but when you get an oncologist saying it is all a lie, you have to wonder what they are taught, in this case he things they are just out to make money, well surprise surprise there is no money to be made in this, because its all about changing your diet!

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