My Father has Liver Cancer

I almost find it surreal that I am even writing this, how can it be that after starting this website on the Budwig Diet, that yesterday I find out my Father has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Devastated as I am and added to this the success rate with this type of cancer is only 10%, I just knew that I would have to put my knowledge to good use and maybe writing this blog, could be fundamental in saving my fathers life or at least extending his life expectancy.

While at the same time what I learn can benefit other sufferers of Cancer, or more specifically Liver Cancer.

What I will do is keep this blog updated on his successes and failures so that we can all learn.

So just to give you the most recent news, I thought I would outline what I have done to date.

Firstly my father is 71 he was fit until recently going to the gym on a regular basis, until the end of last year when he founded out he needed a hip replacement and from there it all seemed to go horribly wrong, as after the operation he had problems with his heart and needed to take various drugs, which now appears he was given the wrong dosage over a longer period of time than necessary, which seems to have effected his liver and therefore could be the cause of the cancer, I will give more info at a later stage.

So as soon as my father was told he has liver cancer after a ct scan, the doctors would not say any more and said he now needs to see a specialist, talk about delays as the appointment is to be made via post!

So while we wait I have told my mother all about the Budwig protocol, which I think has given them a more positive out look, but more importantly I contacted a testimonial who had liver cancer and is using Budwig, I have to sing his praises because after emailing him for help he called back the same day and run through his experiences of the budwig diet and what he did to ensure its success after being given 6 months to live I am pleased to say 2 and half years later he is still with us and refused the chemo route etc. and went with budwig, what must have been an amazing leap of faith.

So I have past this info to my parents and I have ordered the “The Oil Protein Diet by Joanna Budwig” and I have it express delivered so they should have this tomorrow morning.

I will update this post later as I am still comming to terms with what has happened and I will try to correct the grammer and go into more details over the comming days.

2 thoughts on “My Father has Liver Cancer

  1. Lydia Sinapova

    How is your father feeling now? Did Budwig diet improve his situation?
    In february my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer type seminoma stage III (90% survival rate). He had a surgery and chemo and then started Budwig diet, now he is feeling well and the tumor inside his body has drastically shrunk. There is still some residue and the tests cannot determine if it is cancer or not. Two weeks ago a relative has been diagnosed with liver cancer, and she is very sick, very weak, it’s very bad. I have told her about the flax oil diet and I am wondering whether you have had some results. Thanks

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Lydia

    I am pleased to hear your husband is doing well, testicular cancer I am pleased to say is curable.

    Whereas liver cancer is another thing altogether, it is a real battle. In our case we only have the Budwig diet as the doctors just sent my father home to die giving him just a few months.

    I really have no idea if the budwig diet is working, but there are some positive signs the main one is he is still on one pain killer a day always at night. I think it is to help him sleep, but he is in no pain some aches but no pain and we are just over a month since we were told he was going to die in fact a month ago he was on 1 painkiller every 4 hours.

    The negative is that he has lost a lot of weight, as he doesn’t want to eat much, it is really frustrating as we want him to have the good stuff.

    If I can get him eating again and reduce the size of his extended stomach, which is in actual fact his swollen liver I will feel much happier.

    What makes this so hard is every drug is bad for the liver and effects his eating too.

    One thing that he did have was stomach ulcers, which I assume effected his desire for food, but using apple cider and mastic gum seems to be having an effect.

    Also the coffee enemas have also had a beneficial effect.

    So far I am happy keeping him away from the drugs in particular the pain killers and ultimately the morphine.

    I will keep the blog up to date, but feel free to keep in contact, but I have spoken to Peter in Singapore is doing well with the diet, but in my fathers case it is very aggressive.


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