No Chemo for Dad

Well I didn’t expect this to be writting this as a diary of my father, but none the less the lessons I hope will help everyone!

Thursday we went to see the specialist to finally get a prognosis, which in truth we were hoping for some positive news, believing we were finally going to get his stomach liquid drained, but in the end we just had bad news.

Firstly the Doctor said that there wasnt that much water and it was just the swelling of the liver and that the cancer was also on the lymph gland near the liver.

On top of this we finally was told Chemo was not really an option now, which was to be honest frustrating to have waited over a month to get this info.

Also then to be told he has just months to live.

Mum and myself obviously were disappointed to find that the doctor was unable to do anything, but we were still positive, knowing we had a fall back with this diet.

Unfortunately, the cancer seems to be aggressive and we are not convinced that we are winning the fight at the moment and there is a realisation that we really need to get our act together.

The positive is that over the past few weeks we have been getting used to the diet , but the negative is that my father is loosing his appetite and I think a feeling of panic is setting in at present, when it comes to food preparation.

Fortunately knowing many people have been cured using the diet or at least got it under control actually gives us hope.

As I right this the negative is that dad still is in pain, but there are some positives one is there is no longer any jaundice and his swelling seems to have gone down, whether this is a good sign I have no idea.

Having read many articles on the subject II realise we must really stick as close to the diet as possible.

I am glad I have flown back to help mum with the diet, partly because I am a relatively good cook at trying to make this as tasteful as possible, which is key.

Today I actually had my first attempt at the Budwig breakfast, which seems to have gone well by including mango’s and strawberry’s, I tested it and found it very tasty indeed.

I think the hard thing about this is when you father is ill and wants a steak or a Mars bars, it is kind of depressing, but you just have to remember you are fighting for his life.

Oh and finally I apologise for the rambling and poor grammer, because I have to admit I am just saying it as it is!

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