No News is Good News!

Well I do not think that is the case in reality, my father finally had his appointment on Thursday with the so called Liver Cancer specialist, who in my opinion sounds like a typical ass from the NHS.

My parents go in hoping to get some information and in truth all they find out is that, he has cancer of the liver, which is too big to operate on and is somehow combined with the lungs.

When asked whether he can be cured the answer back is no but we can prolong his life with Chemo, at this point it makes my family happy, I suppose because they didn’t say to him go home to die.

On top of this he had some more blood tests to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere, another time delay.

When he was asked whether diet would have an effect or if he had heard of Joanna Budwig, he knew nothing and thought diets were a waste of time and an excuse to get money from people who are desperate for a cure.

It is just beyond belief to me that someone who is supposedly a specialist in Liver Cancer treatment knows nothing about, the benefits of flaxseed oil or Joanna Budwig, surely these doctors should be looking at all the latest research to help there patients, because if they did they would know the work that is going on in this field, documented scientific papers on the subject.

Obviously there is no passion from these doctors, they just want to move onto the next patient take a huge salary and go to the golf course, there doesn’t seem to be any motivation to really want to cure anyone.

Fortunately I know better and thanks be to god I heard about this diet, before my dad found out he had cancer. What is interesting and at this stage I cannot be sure is that I have had my father on the Budwig Diet for about 3 weeks before he saw the specialist and for him to say he was surprised to see my father in such a good state of health with all things considered, it made me wonder if this is because of the diet, in the coming days I am sure we shall know more.

So personally I am not convinced the news is good, all that has happened is there is a delay in the true gravertiy of the situation and a lack of speed from the NHS.

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