Omega-3 in Animal feed

I have to admit I am not sure about this latest research where a French company Valrex have started trials on enriching feeds with extruded Linseed, to me it just seems to defeat the whole object. Apart from it being a complete waste of money!

You can read more on this over at First Science.

The second article really is just more comfirmation in case you think you needed it. The Canadians seem to have just realised that Cardiovascular Disease accounts for the death of more Canadians than any other disease.

What is interesting that over the last 40 years as lifestyle have changed they have seen this rate reduced.

“Research tells us omega-3 fatty acids offer a number of cardiovascular benefits, including reducing hardening of the arteries, decreasing triglycerides, protecting against irregular heartbeats and lowering blood pressure,” said Michelle Latinsky, registered dietitian and nutrition specialist for Jamieson Laboratories. “In addition, omega-3s reduce inflammation and help support overall health.”

You can read more of this article over at Miramichi Leader

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