Omega 3 in Baked Beans!!

It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, thank heavens for a common sense article from stating that foods fortified with omega-3 are close to useless, when you consider how much you have to eat to get the same amount for just a portion of oily fish.

It is all just fancy marketing, well I suppose we have to be thankful that people are beginning to wake up and realise that diet is the biggest killer or saviour depending on which way you lean!

I for one have taken on the changes in hc2d, sometime back I wouldn’t say I am perfect but I have quadrupled my intake of water, I eat fish  two times a week, load up on plenty of fruit and vegetables and I have replaced most of my sugar intake with honey.

The hardest thing for people is to change their habits, but when you know how much of a difference it can make and from what I have read at least a 50% reduction in chances of catching various diseases including cancer, it was enough to even include broccoli for me, wonders never cease

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