My Father has Liver Cancer

I almost find it surreal that I am even writing this, how can it be that after starting this website on the Budwig Diet, that yesterday I find out my Father has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Devastated as I am and added to this the success rate with this type of cancer is only 10%, I just knew that I would have to put my knowledge to good use and maybe writing this blog, could be fundamental in saving my fathers life or at least extending his life expectancy.

While at the same time what I learn can benefit other sufferers of Cancer, or more specifically Liver Cancer.

What I will do is keep this blog updated on his successes and failures so that we can all learn.

So just to give you the most recent news, I thought I would outline what I have done to date.

Firstly my father is 71 he was fit until recently going to the gym on a regular basis, until the end of last year when he founded out he needed a hip replacement and from there it all seemed to go horribly wrong, as after the operation he had problems with his heart and needed to take various drugs, which now appears he was given the wrong dosage over a longer period of time than necessary, which seems to have effected his liver and therefore could be the cause of the cancer, I will give more info at a later stage.

So as soon as my father was told he has liver cancer after a ct scan, the doctors would not say any more and said he now needs to see a specialist, talk about delays as the appointment is to be made via post!

So while we wait I have told my mother all about the Budwig protocol, which I think has given them a more positive out look, but more importantly I contacted a testimonial who had liver cancer and is using Budwig, I have to sing his praises because after emailing him for help he called back the same day and run through his experiences of the budwig diet and what he did to ensure its success after being given 6 months to live I am pleased to say 2 and half years later he is still with us and refused the chemo route etc. and went with budwig, what must have been an amazing leap of faith.

So I have past this info to my parents and I have ordered the “The Oil Protein Diet by Joanna Budwig” and I have it express delivered so they should have this tomorrow morning.

I will update this post later as I am still comming to terms with what has happened and I will try to correct the grammer and go into more details over the comming days.

Omega 3 in Baked Beans!!

It goes from the sublime to the ridiculous, thank heavens for a common sense article from stating that foods fortified with omega-3 are close to useless, when you consider how much you have to eat to get the same amount for just a portion of oily fish.

It is all just fancy marketing, well I suppose we have to be thankful that people are beginning to wake up and realise that diet is the biggest killer or saviour depending on which way you lean!

I for one have taken on the changes in hc2d, sometime back I wouldn’t say I am perfect but I have quadrupled my intake of water, I eat fish  two times a week, load up on plenty of fruit and vegetables and I have replaced most of my sugar intake with honey.

The hardest thing for people is to change their habits, but when you know how much of a difference it can make and from what I have read at least a 50% reduction in chances of catching various diseases including cancer, it was enough to even include broccoli for me, wonders never cease

Omega 3 makes you happier!

I have to admit I was a little surprised with this headline, but I thought it was certainly worth following up and bring attention to it here.

It is fascinating what can be attributed to Omega 3 these days and although we can see a scientific correlation to cancer in particular in controlled scientific research, I have to admit I find the above statement is a little hard to swallow.

The more you read this article on Omega-3 the more it seems rather circumspect. In truth I am I am not convinced as cultural differences I am sure are at play here, rather than diet.

I would be interested to hear from people from the Far East to get their point of view.

Iron deficiency effects mental proformance

Please bear with me on these posts, I suppose I am just trying to find my voice, if that makes any sense I have no idea.

Well maybe I just need to take more iron, but seriously since starting this blog I am more aware of the effects of nutrition on our body so each time I pick up some new info I am keen to pass it on.

So on this occasion it is in regards to this article, Can Dietary Supplements Boost Brain Power? What did catch my eye was these 2 paragraphs, I will let it speak for itself

More recently, however, a handful of studies have indicated that certain dietary deficiencies may negatively affect brain function, and that supplements could be used to correct these deficiencies. Iron deficiency, for example, has been associated with poor mental performance. A study published last year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women of reproductive age (18 – 35 years) who had low levels of iron in their blood performed more poorly on tests of attention, memory, and learning that those who had sufficient levels of iron.

When the iron-deficient women were treated with iron supplementation, their scores improved. Although the biological mechanism for this improvement is unclear, one possible explanation is that low levels of iron can negatively interfere with neurotransmission. Similarly, low levels of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, found in fish oil, may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.

Yoghurt can prevent cancer!!

Is it me or what, I just seem to keep hearing how our diet can prevent cancer. Maybe it is because I am looking out for it, but I cannot be sure.

Nonetheless the more I hear about various food stuffs having positive effects in the fight for cancer, for me it just gives more credibility to “The Budwig Diet”.

So to hear this recent article from the daily mail on Yoghurt helping in the prevention of cancer it certainly gives more credence, although in truth Jane is talking about calcium in our diet, but for me I was pleased to see that low fat doesn’t loose any of its percentage of calcium and in the case of skimmed milk it has more.

And just yesterday there was an article from the Telegraph, no less saying that extracts of broccoli, cabbage and brazil nuts can fight cancer and get this they even say:

Compounds from the vegetables mixed with selenium, which is contained in Brazil nuts, have been shown to prevent the skin cancer and work better at attacking tumours than conventional treatment, researchers said.

The case for alternative treatments just seem to keep building.

Can Honey cure cancer!

bees on honeycells

Can Honey Cure Cancer

In all honesty I do not know the answer to this and I would need to do some more research to finding out, but what did get me on the subject, was for the last couple of days I have been replacing my sugar intake with honey, as refined sugar can increase you risk of cancer.

I have to admit when I replaced the sugar with honey on my breakfast cereal after 45 years, I didn’t think I could do it, but hey its fine I just knew that the sugar on my muesli was defeating the object ;)

So having converted so easily I wasn’t sure if it had any benefits at all, but I did know that my Uncle´s Sister used honey to finally repair a wound from a near fatal road accident, which normal medication could not.

So after a little research I also found that bee keepers suffer less from cancer and arthritis than any other occupational group worldwide, interesting no!

For more information on the health benefits of honey I suggest you read this article from Natural News now one of my favourite websites.

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber Anti Cancer

I have to admit that writing this blog has had a profound effect on me and the more I learn the more I realise Joanne Budwig was right, not because I have tried it but because there is so much evidence that diet can stop cancer.

Today I just came across Dr. Servan-Schreiber who had brain tumour when he was 31, although to rid himself of the cancer he underwent the the typical route of chemotherapy, but afterwards he wanted to see if there was a way to ensure there is was no relapse. Interestingly when he asked his Oncologist about lifestyle changes, he had no idea, scary but quite typical.

So recently Dr David Servan-Schreiber released his book Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life, which is David´s study into the effects of diet on Cancer .

For me the message is that the writer is a Doctor, who was willing to look at alternatives and realise there is an alternative and was apple to look at the myths and get to the facts.

The interview below, should give you a feel or this interview over at Wbay

And this video is from an interview he did over at CBC Television

Natural Omega 3, from Algae!!

I thought this was an interesting article, although there seems some confusion in the way it is written. If I have it right Ocean Nutrition in Canada are about to turn Algae into Omega 3, which will be a fantastic and a much healthy step than using fish.

At the end of the day our fish stocks are being depleted enough by over fishing, so anything that can help reduce the dependence on fish for this vitamin then it has to be a good move.

More on this can be read over at The Chronical herald of Canada.

Which fats!!

I may be slightly off topic it here when it comes to the Budwig Diet, but I am sure like me many of you who are looking into this diet do not necessarily have cancer. If  you like me are beginning to realise how much diet is are effecting our health, you may find this article on the daily mail website about the different types of Fats, i.e. which are good for you and which are bad, very useful.

I felt it really helped because I am forever looking at cartons to see what are in the ingredients and when it comes to Fat I have not a clue and the more I know the more I seem to get confussed.

FlaxSeeds Cures Cancer (Fact)

Today on the BBC there is a report of a new Kidney drug to get the go ahead to be available to the general public, as it can increase survival by a year. The cost of this drug is about £75 per day and with a six-week cycle costing in excess of £3,000, hmm make of that what you want.

Now I am not an expert, but I have taken some time out to read a number of scientific papers on Cancer and Flaxseed. What has become very apparent in the many tests done is that I have not seen one prove it doesn’t prevent cancer. I may be a cynic, but no one is going to make much of  a profit out of Flaxseed!

It is interesting that with so many controlled studies, proving how diet can prevent and cure cancer, you would think doctors would immediately start every patient on this regime. When you consider how destructive drugs and chemo are on your body or at least shouldn’t they inform their patient their is a safer alternative.

Below I will give you a few links to some of these study papers, but it is worth noting that these are scientific papers and are not aimed at the general public.

Of the papers read I found Michael S Donaldsons (Director of Research, Hallelujah Acres Foundation) article Nutrician and cancer: A Review of the evidence for an anti cancer diet a must read and an easier read. And for those with breast cancer I thought this abstract telling:

More recently Thompson’s research group studied mice that were injected with human breast cancer cells. After the injection the mice were fed a basal diet (lab mouse chow) for 8 weeks while the tumors grew. Then one group continued the basal diet and another was fed a 10% flax seed diet. The flax seed reduced the tumor growth rate and reduced metastasis by 45%

Other fasinating articles

Breast Cancer article

Natural cancer-protective compounds

Colon Cancer Protection

Prostrate Cancer

Flaxseed: A potential treatment for lupus nephritis

Very enlightning I think, I would be interested in anyones thoughts.