Pandora´s Box

I have to say that since starting this site and having my eyes opened, it feels like I have opened Pandora´s box.

I do not mean it in a negative way but probably the most scary thing has been joining the yahoo groups for flaxseed oil, I have been inundated with all the email updates, which in all honesty is too much it is continuous and I just haven’t the time to read them all.

At some stage I will have to cancel, what was fascinating was how big and helpful the group is and how sad it is to read some of the stories of new members looking for help. What I am sure is that when it comes to help this must be one of the best resources available.

Also on the site you will find hundreds of testimonials, some of which I will include here. So if you are looking for support you couldnt do much better than this group.

2 thoughts on “Pandora´s Box

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  2. Amrita

    You don’t have to cancel your the group membership. Go to the group page and you’ll see “edit membership”. Click on that and scroll down to the bottom and select how you want to see these messages. It defaults to getting the messages in your email, so you need to select one of the other options. You can get a summary email once a day or no emails.

    Hope that helps.

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