Still Fighting

Since being told by the specialist that your father has just a few months to live it hs been a hard couple of weeks, but mum and I have kept being positive and have really spent each day devoted to ensuring dad gets the best possible foods allowed via the Budwig protocol.

Until about 4 days ago it felt as though we were loosing the battle, dad was just lying down sleeping all day and in pain while taking the pain relieving tablets.

The last 4 days has seen a distinct change, in fact as I write this he isĀ  cutting the lawn, yesterday he went for a walk to the shops and has reduced the pain killers to 2 per day from 1 every 4 hrs.

I am not sure as of yet why there has been an improvement, it may be because the diet has been going just under 2 months and maybe the body is now seeing a benefit or it could be the coffee enema, which we started 4 days ago!

We are also getting into a little rhythm and getting a little better at this now, with the breakfast working better I think by changing to mango fruit and with the cream being a little more liquid making it more easily digestible.

On top of this I now make a concoction of fresh fruit and vegetables at around 11am after the enema which consists of 1 apple 1 whole broccoli, 1 yellow kiwi, 1 carrot and some times a beetroot which he hates. This is all juiced and then I add the frozen wheat grass. Not too bad a taste but crammed full of nutrients.

For lunch is a little tough as he likes his bread and cheese sandwich, here we add freshly cut lettuce or tomatoes, I have now included some fruit after this.

The evening meal is a struggle, I was doing salads but recently it have been vegetables steamed plus a potato, as this seems to be a little more filling.

One major difference is that we started having a fruit cocktail for afters, but I realised we needed to get the flaxseed oil intake up from 3 to 6 table spoons and we have achieved this by making a smoothie with the fruit and the linseed oil cottage cheese combination.

NB I have also started to include garlic whenever possible.

2 thoughts on “Still Fighting

  1. Vic

    what is the update on your dad? would love to hear how he is faring. my mom has primary liver cancer. her onco says she has 3-6 months left. we started her on budwig about a month ago. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

  2. orit

    I read you blog.
    please let me know what’s going on now.
    my mom has gastric cancer with ascites and poor liver functions, and we also put her BP 10 days ago.
    I hope it helps.

    please write again.

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