Still no news!

So my parents go back to get more info from the so called liver cancer specialist last week, only to get no more answers, the blood tests have not come back as of yet and so my parents are asked to come back in two weeks, the only news is that the cancer tumour was 7cm.

In the meantime dad has to have another CT scan of which we are still waiting for an appointment, god don’t they take there time. In some ways I am glad as it give me more time to get the Budwig protocol working, before he has to have chemo.

This weekend we have been getting a little concerned as my father has been getting tired recently and for some reason his stomach has be growing, a huge concern so at this point I thought I should contact the guys on the flaxseed forum on yahoo, this is the link but I think you will need to register to read it if you haven’t the time the transcript it is below:

It sounds like he might have ascites edema.  If the liver cancer is primary, it is likely that the liver function is impaired.  The tumor size might not matter.  An impaired liver can result in a low albumen level in the blood causing fluid to leak into the abdomen.  Consider supplementing with milk thistle herb.  Also consider SAMe.  Both of these can improve liver function.  Start low and gradually increase the oil, as it requires liver produced bile for digestion.  You might use a little lecithin supplementation to help the bile.  These things should not interfere with the diet.

Hi Stephen,

Good to see you post :)

When you say “large stomach”, is it the stomach or the abdominal cavity in general. I.e. does the “largeness” go right up to the diaphram. I am thinking ascites here, which is not uncommon in liver cancer, particularly if the ablumin level is low. A palliative treatment for that is drainage, called paracentesis. (I have had 5 para’s this year). If thats not the case, I think a sneak peek at his diet might give you clues.

I started on the full FOCC straight away and had no side effects. It does vary from person to person, and some are forced to retreat to the transition diet. My best guess is that your dad would be feeling liver pain if the FOCC was too much – and that it is unlikely to cause the stomach problem. (It would be better if someone who retreated to the transition diet answered this.)

Best wishes

At this stage we need to find out more if it is the case, but in some ways I feel I am getting more help and support here than the doctors.

So now I have a better idea I feel more comfortable, also one positive the jaundice, which just started was temporary and seems to have gone again, so maybe we are winning some battles.

At the weekend as I had panicked, I thought I better get on the case with a few issues. It doesnt help being here in Spain while dad is in the UK, but I will be back over soon, sorry I digress.

Anyway there are a couple of areas which I know mum has not got onto so I decided to spend some money to solve them. The first is wheat grass which mum has not found, so after a little searching I came across this company which produce the wheatgrass juice and freeze it instantly and then post out, luck they live in Manchester but it should arrive still frozen and is due today, if there any problems I will post here. Mind you I was impressed as they phoned Monday to check if they would be in before shipment, as it is perishable.

The next thing is the coffee enema, which has not arrived as of yet, but will be something which I will have problems persuading my dad to take I am sure, so we shall see! I will go into this a little more at a later stage, but interestingly Prince Charles has been out spoken on its benefits.

Thirdly I have bought two bottles of Biotta Breuss Juice, which I believe is handy as an alternative if you have not the time to produce the fruit juices.

Oh and I have ordered some Thistle Milk upon the recommendation of the above, having purchased it today I think I could have gone to a better site for this which is here as they seem to have a better combination, well at least I will know for next time and saves anyone else making the same mistake!

**update just as I finish this the weatgrass has arrived and it doesn’t taste that bad apparently!!**

2nd update the Coffee Enema has arrived too and apparently in the garage so will have my work cut out there.

OK that’s the latest I suppose another update in a week or after the CT scan.

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