The Budwig Diet for Breakfast

Having reached the age of 45 I have to say the one thing that worries me most is getting cancer, for many reasons. As a result of learning more and more about the work of Johanna Budwig and the Budwig Diet, it has started to become obvious over the last few days that this simple recipe can aid you in not getting cancer. So for me it is a must do diet.

The question then is where does one start and after some research I came across this recipe on youtube, which you can see below. The recipe is using the basics of the diet but produced in a very appetising way by Sandra Olson, who´s website is a must visit and as she says it is a labour of love.

So as an appetiser, pardon the pun her video follows and I for one cannot wait to start each morning with this. Still would you believe I still need to find where I can buy flaxseed oil here in Spain!

One thought on “The Budwig Diet for Breakfast

  1. Sandra Olson


    Thank you for your kind words regarding my website.
    I want to let you know that I had to change my website URL from what you have in your link above. Unfortunately, your link now goes to an advertising site. If you would like to change it so that it goes to my site, please place a hyphen
    between the words budwig and videos. My NEW site address is

    Kind regards and best wishes,
    Sandra Olson

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