Yoghurt can prevent cancer!!

Is it me or what, I just seem to keep hearing how our diet can prevent cancer. Maybe it is because I am looking out for it, but I cannot be sure.

Nonetheless the more I hear about various food stuffs having positive effects in the fight for cancer, for me it just gives more credibility to “The Budwig Diet”.

So to hear this recent article from the daily mail on Yoghurt helping in the prevention of cancer it certainly gives more credence, although in truth Jane is talking about calcium in our diet, but for me I was pleased to see that low fat doesn’t loose any of its percentage of calcium and in the case of skimmed milk it has more.

And just yesterday there was an article from the Telegraph, no less saying that extracts of broccoli, cabbage and brazil nuts can fight cancer and get this they even say:

Compounds from the vegetables mixed with selenium, which is contained in Brazil nuts, have been shown to prevent the skin cancer and work better at attacking tumours than conventional treatment, researchers said.

The case for alternative treatments just seem to keep building.

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